'Writing Routes'

Content Writing and SEO Services

Dear Potential Client,

My name is Nitima Sood, and I am a freelance writer specializing in

  • SEO techniques
  • Web content writing
  • Article writing
  • Blogging
  • Technical Writing
I have worked on assignments from clients ranging from US to Europe and to Asia, and this has given me a wide scale exposure in global procedures and practices.

The years spent so far in the freelancing industry has taught me that YOU, as a client, have expectations and a personal way of perceiving everything. Therefore I need to know you and relate to your feelings before I write about you. It’s the only way, my writings gain a touch of your personality and merge with your core values. This is the process that I follow to give you a different result than others.

My job charge depends on many variables, including subject matter, type of project and kind of research required. I have a deep respect for you and my work and if you feel the same about my abilities, we can work out a price that is within your budget and which is right for a competent professional like me.

For a detailed quote, you can contact me through:

Email: sood.nitima@gmail.com
Skype: nitima11
Yahoo: nitima_sood
Linkedin profile: http://www.linkedin.com/in/nitimasood


Thank you for your time and consideration.
N. S.


Web content

Content writing and web promotion

http://modumo.ch/ (Site under construction)
Modumo is a Switzerland based company which has wide range interests in service industry. Through its group companies, it is working in the field of renewable energy (http://www.swisnic.ch/), travel and tourism and management and IT services. My job is to write content for the parent as well as group companies.

Article writing

Gossimer is an internet domain registrar and web hosting company with a product portfolio that includes domain reselling plans, email hosting, digital certificates, domain/mail forwarding, web site builder, live chat & more. My work was to promote the company name through a series of keyword specific articles about the services it provides.

Company Blog

I have also worked on the company’s blog to highlight the firm’s expertise on its subject of operations.

I work as a volunteer for an internationally known NGO, http://www.bkwsu.com/ . The institute is operational in more than 130 countries and is recognised by UN and UNICEF for its efforts in introducing and promoting ‘value based living’ among people of all nations. I maintain the marketing activities of the NGO at the branch level. Here is a screenshot of monthly newsletter conceptualized and designed by me.

My blog

This is a semi regular blog dealing with stress management and spirituality, also incorporating issues related to personal development such as motivation, anger, low self esteem and sadness etc. My aim of writing this blog is to help people manage problems of life through elevation in their mood towards positivity. Spirituality doesn’t necessary mean following religion blindly but finding eternal happiness through simpler things of life. It’s not difficult to stay happy, provided we change our thinking style a little.


Apart than these, I have worked on a number of other projects, details of which can be discussed if you are interested in working with me.