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Dear Potential Client,
My name is Nitima Sood, and I am a full time freelance web content writer based at Gurgaon, (New Delhi, NCR, India) specializing in
So far, I have got change to work on a variety of assignments related to web content writing, business collaterals, brochures and corporate profiles for clients ranging from Australia, US, South Africa, UK, Ireland, Switzerland, Germany to India. My work has also given me wonderful experiences while interacting with people at global level and I’ve learned that even though individuals from different countries may have different perspectives on everything related to work, culture, family, and relationships, but when it comes to business on World Wide Web, everyone wants the same results. 

  • They want their web content writer to make sure that their businesses are recognized in a better way than their competitors
  • They want  their websites to generate more traffic. 
  • They want their audience to know that "they care" and so pay a professional web content writer to display this emotion.
  • They want their communication to as subtle as possible without compromising on the quality.

Every business is unique in its own way and only a competent web content writer can bring it out in the most amicable way. As a content writer, I can merge my writings with your core values only after knowing your expectations. I, therefore, need to know "YOU" before I write content for you. It’s the only way my copies can gain a touch of your personality and I can give you a different result than others.

You can call me or send an email to discuss any ideas related to web content writing and I will get back to you as early as possible.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

N. S.
Freelance Web Content Writer
Gurgaon (New Delhi, NCR, India)

PS: Finally my site is live. I'll be moving this web content to it shortly. Click here to have a look at it: Writing Routes . and if there's any feedback you'd like to give, just remember I am only a call away.